Hello my friends, this is Maco..

I make music and other stuff.

I consider myself a creator, but not in the words most recent meaning. I just truly enjoy creating things from scratch, especially music.

I was born in ’94 in Budapest and I was cursed blessed with a vivid imagination. I was a quiet kid growing up, living in the fantasy world, that I created for myself. That’s my safespace. I’m my best version there.

I started learning the guitar at age 13, and it might sound cheesy, but that changed everything in me. I learned a new way to express myself and my feelings and for a quiet kid, that meant, still means everything. It’s only in the past couple years, that I gathered enough courage to put myself out there.

What I do

Hobbies & Obsessions

My main Equipment

What do I make my music with?


Nikon Z 30

#Midi Controller

Novation Launchkey Mini


Lenovo Legion 5



#Audio Interface

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen

#Midi Controller

M-Audio Keystation 88

#Bass Guitar

Ibanez TMB100


AKG K702 Headphone


Audio-Technica AT2020 Mic


Fl Studio 20

#Electric Guitar

Ibanez AS73