Making good music since yesterday.

Hello there and welcome to my imagination. Hope you’ll have a wonderful stay. Please make yourself at home!

Also how did I fit inside a nutshell 😮


I make videos for internet people. Some of them actually like it, believe it or not. I love making them, and they are probably the best videos out there.


Those tasty guitar licks that you won’t find anywhere else, because I made them. All they need is you to turn them into musical master-pieces. Or not.


I sometimes make beats and I used to make stock music as well, that you can license and use for your next big project. If you like one of them, but need changes, find me!


I’m open for any music related work that you think I’d be fit for. Limited to cool projects only! Check out all of my services on my about me page.

I mean get in touch.

The people in the background are not listening to my music,

but they should be!

Find me here:

(Too much options? I recommend Youtube!)

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What am I up to? Music, mostly.

Also what am I down to? Earth!

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